Q&A with Manchester Blogger, Alice Catherine

Q&A with Manchester Blogger, Alice Catherine

Alice and I met a couple of years ago now and since then have loved each other both from afar and when we get chance to spend some one on one time together.

Alice is not only a very intelligent, beautiful woman but she is also one of the kindest and caring souls I have come across and I feel so full of positive energy and happiness from our time spent together.

I thought it would be great to feature one of the superstars of the blogging world here on July Child and give you more of an insight into Alice.

JC: Favourite book?
AC: The Virgin Suicides has to be one of my favourites. I also love so much of the language in Lolita. 
JC: Advice to your younger self?
AC: Stop overthinking how you look and how others view you and just wear the fucking skirt. Treasure having your friends around the corner and stop plucking your eyebrows just because everyone else is. Don't chase after boys that are mean to you, and don't worry too much about the future. Things will work out. 
JC: How do you overcome imposter syndrome?
AC: I try and remind myself that so long as I'm working hard and appreciating what I have - I have just as much of a right to be where I am as anybody else does. 
JC: What helps inspire you if you ever feel like you have a creative block?
AC: I disconnect from the online world for a bit if I can. I try and plan a trip somewhere new if I have the luxury of doing so, I'll read, see if there are any new exhibitions on in my area, see friends etc... 
JC: What helps inspire you if you ever feel like you have a creative block?
AC: I find that inspiration sparks in the strangest of places. I can be sat in a dentist waiting room and suddenly I'll need to scribble a blog post idea down in the notes section of my phone. 
JC: Favourite Instagram account?
AC: Anything that involves sausage dogs, outfit snaps of Princess Diana, or curates images of amazing interior design...
JC: Which three people would you invite to dinner (dead or alive)?
AC: Off the top of my head - Phoebe Waller Bridge, Jane Birkin, and my Gran (she never got to see my blogging take off and I'd love to hear what she thinks about it all). 
JC: Best album of all time?
AC: I rarely listen to full albums because I'm obsessed with making playlists and get bored of one sound quite quickly - I really have to be obsessed with an album for me to listen to the whole thing. I can listen to anything by Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac and Bowie all day long though. 
JC: The most important lesson you can learn in life is…..
AC: Hmmm... 'If nothing changes then nothing changes' - I think we have to get out there and make things happen sometimes, opportunities don't tend to just fall into everyones laps. If we aren't happy with something then we have to do our best to try and change it, rather than thinking that the world owes us something. 
JC: One thing you can’t live without?
AC: The obvious would be friends and family...but also peanut butter, a sense of humour, and swimming in the sea at least once a year. 


JC: Best moment of your career so far?


AC: Being asked to go on a trip to Paris with Chanel beauty was pretty surreal! I got to see Coco Chanel's apartment which was all kinds of magical - little me would have never pictured that happening. Whenever someone compliments a piece of writing I've posted always means more than anything superficial though. I love the sense of community I feel online because of my blog space - it makes me feel like I have purpose and I feel very lucky that I get to practice what I love doing every week. 

Did we think we could love her anymore? 

We hope you enjoyed this weeks instalment and a massive thank you to Alice.




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