Behind the jewels with Content Creator Natasha Ahmed

Behind the jewels with Content Creator Natasha Ahmed

Behind the jewels is back and better than ever with our long time fave girly, Natasha Ahmed!  Her content showcases her love for maximalist jewellery and eclectic fashion, along with her gorgeous illustrations, hand drawn moodboards and digital scrapbooks that we can't get enough of.  She embodies the more is more philosophy that we have here at JC, and this week we sat down with her to dig deeper! 
Behind the Jewels always starts with the same question: what was your first ever
significant piece of jewellery and how did you acquire it?

As a brown girl I've been given sold gold jewellery since I was a baby! My dad bought me a solid gold ornate gold necklace which I still wear every single day now.
Silver or gold?

Wholeheartedly a gold girl! Anyone who knows me can see I'm a ride or die gold jewellery wearer.
Can you tell us a bit about your fashion journey and how you got started doing what you do?
I've been doing content creation since I left university but I've always enjoyed throwing outfits together since my early teens. My mum was really into fashion when I was younger so we've been shopping as a hobby for as long as I remember! Once we hit lockdown I started documenting my outfits more on TikTok which is how I gained a bit more of a following which has lead to some cool campaigns and opportunities which I'm very grateful for.

How would you describe your personal style, and what inspires your fashion choices?

Colourful and eclectic! I love anything with fun prints or textures, I'm really drawn to anything tulle or poofy and I love to clash patterns as much as I can. I definitely get inspiration from street style or Pinterest but I love being inspired by home decor or vintage graphic design too and incorporating the colours/tones into my day to day style.

Do you ever get imposter syndrome, if so how do you overcome it?

Honestly no! I feel every one of us should be proud of where we made it and in the spaces we belong to.

What’s your star sign and does it describe you well?

Capricorn! I'm not really sure what describes a Cap but I am super Type A and organised about things!

Favourite activity outside of working?
I love illustrating in my free time, I always have a bunch of ideas in my head so I look forward to having free time so I can execute them.
One thing you can’t live without?
My cat! She is 13 so she's been with me for half my life so the day she passes away so do I!

One thing that makes you smile?
Looking back at memories on my phone. I have 250,000 camera roll so I always have a memory from every day so it makes me smile looking back on them.
Favourite Instagram account?
I'm loving artsy accounts at the moment so I adore @martinamartian but I am also obsessed with @girlswhocluster
Fave piece from your collection?
My staples have to be my July Child Royalty ring, my collaboration Athena ring, my Olio Stories Taweez necklace and my new Millie Savage Heart ring!
Natasha's edit is live on our website now! 

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