Behind the Jewels with Faye, founder and designer at Evie Joynes

Behind the Jewels with Faye, founder and designer at Evie Joynes

Behind the Scenes of Our Bow Apparel Collaborations Reading Behind the Jewels with Faye, founder and designer at Evie Joynes 4 minutes

Welcome back to behind the jewels, and this week we have one of our hometown faves, the lovely Faye, founder of womenswear brand Evie Joynes!  We've been obsessed with her for a while, her work (much like ours) is inspired by nostalgia, and we cannot get enough.  We first met Faye at an @ima.mcr event, and when she told us she's been a fan of the brand for a while, we knew we had to work together on a collab, it was meant to be.  So our collab was born, and the JC Bow Baby Tee is now live! 


Behind the Jewels always starts with the same question:  What was your first ever significant piece of jewellery and how did you acquire it?

A gold ring that was given to me by my mam on my 21st birthday, she'd been given it by my grandma so it’s on it's 3rd generation!

Silver or gold?

I'm a silver girly now but was gold for a long time!

Can you tell us a bit about your fashion journey and how you got started doing what you do?

I’ve always loved fashion and wanted to be a designer for most of my life, I studied it at uni and then worked as a womenswear designer for other brands but felt an itch to do my own thing. Then when we got locked down in 2020 I started sewing and making my own pieces again from my kitchen table, and a very scrappy, early version of Evie Joynes was born!

How would you describe your personal style, and what inspires your fashion choices?

I’d describe it as casual and comfy but girly. I love ‘feminine’ pieces but comfort always comes first for me! I get inspired a lot by what the cool people around me are wearing, for example the girls I share my studio with, and what I see people wearing out and about. I went to Seoul earlier this year and I LOVED the fashion there so that’s definitely had an impact too!

What inspired you to start your brand?

I’d been working in high-street design and was feeling disillusioned by being a designer in that environment. I didn't really know who I was designing for and felt like I couldn't relate to the product I was creating. I found myself daydreaming about what I would do if I had my own brand: better fabrics, smaller quantities to make the pieces feel more special, and creating pieces that me and the people around me would actually love to wear! I also didn't feel aligned with the ethics of mass producing low-quality garments so wanted to find another way of making clothes. 

What’s your star sign and does it describe you well?

Aquarius, and yes I think of myself as very Aquarian- creative and independent!

Favourite activity outside of working?

Getting a nice coffee and going for a walk in a park that has pretty flowers.

One thing you can’t live without?


One thing that makes you smile?

My dog Stanley. He's a chihuahua and shih tzu cross and looks mental.

Favourite Instagram account?

Oooo, I love a nostalgia account like @90sanxiety or @oldvintagecartoons and then @loveofhuns for the lols.

What's next for you and your brand?

Hopefully more exciting collabs like this one with JC! I love working with other creatives and bringing our ideas together to make something we couldn't have created on our own. Getting to meet/work with other creatives is one of my favourite parts of doing what I do!

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