"Behind The Jewels" Q&A with Marianne Theodorsen

"Behind The Jewels" Q&A with Marianne Theodorsen

Welcome to our shiny, glittering, new and exciting blog! We launch with an absolute STORMER of a guest, Marianne Theodorsen.

With biweekly Q&A's you can expect an insight into our guests life in and around their busy working lives.

For those of you who already know Marianne Theodorsen, there needs to be no introduction for this incredibly stand out, fabulous and oh so cool muse. Marianne is the ultimate Instagram account for bold, fun, care free fashion and jewellery inspiration. Did I mention her nail art? There's another reason to follow her.

I first noticed Marianne last summer, her Norweigan style is a cut above the rest. Her jewellery collection and piercing stacks were nothing but PURE INSPIRATION for me to go spend all my time and money filling my ears with piercings. 

What I admire so much about Marianne is that her style isn't something you could ever replicate, it's completely unique to her. You know it's effortless as it is just another way of expressing her wonderful, colourful character. A reminder to never forget the creative curious child within you. This is something I can relate to completely.

Here's what the lady herself had to say, I hope you enjoy.

Sinead xox


JCJ : What was your first ever significant piece of jewellery and how did you acquire it?

MT: When I got my ears pierced at 5 years old my mother took me to a jewellery store where I got to choose a pair of studs with small butterflies on them. I was so proud! I still have them - although I haven’t wore them for about 30 years haha.

JCJ: What does jewellery and accessorising mean to you?

MT: Everything! I feel so naked without my jewellery - and for me more is more when it comes to jewellery and accessories. I love mixing different styles and thus creating a personal look. 

JCJ: Any advice for anyone wanting to work in creative industries?

MT: Networking is key! Go out and meet people - go to events, introduce yourself, let people know who you are. Set yourself small goals, and follow up on them. And never forget to always be humble and polite - man I cannot stand stuck up impolite people hahaha.

JCJ: Your style is bold, stylish and eccentric. What are the essentials to creating that sort of look? 

MT: Be unafraid - trying and failing is all part of the process. When getting dressed I often put on pieces I want to wear - regardless of if they actually look good together. 

JCJ: How do you like to spend your weekends? 

MT: At home with my husband and son. There’s nothing better really. Hopefully the weather is nice so we can just hang in our backyard. 

JCJ: Best places to visit for unique and boutique shopping in the world? Your top three.

MT: Opening Ceremony in NY

Corso Como in Milan

Dover Street Market in London

JCJ: What does the future hold for you and your Instagram? 

MT: Who knows - hopefully I get to do this for the next couple of years - I love the freedom it gives me! That being said the business changes fast, so you gotta be adaptable and just take it one day at a time really. 

JCJ: Your pearls of wisdom for the readers of this blog?

MT: Always trust your gut!

Shop Marianne's top jewellery picks on July Child here and here

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