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Behind the jewels with Rosie Viva, Founder of Covert Jewellery

Behind the jewels with Rosie Viva, Founder of Covert Jewellery

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Behind the jewels is back again!  This week with one of our faves, who's soon to be stocked on our website, Covert Jewellery!  The lovely Rosie Viva started Covert Jewellery in 2019 with an aim to make authentic colourful jewellery but with a vintage feel, her first collection - ‘rocket rings’ is what Covert quickly became known for, and it's safe to say we are obsessed!  We sat down with her to talk about it some more.

Behind the Jewels always starts with the same question: What was your first ever significant piece of jewellery and how did you acquire it?

My first ever valuable piece of jewellery was a rainbow coloured chocker necklace from Alexa Chung’s brand in 2017. I always felt a bit lost with what style of jewellery suited me and then started with this very randomly! Even though I now wear a lot of gold simple pieces I don’t think I will ever get rid of this piece as it marked booking a big modelling job at the time and felt such a treat to order.
How would you describe your personal style, and what inspires your fashion choices?
I’ve always loved the fashion sense of Phoebe Philo. I worked as a model for Celine when I was younger and loved the menswear approach to womenswear at the time. I’ve always felt so much more comfortable in trousers than skirts and dresses so it has always felt more natural to dress more androgenous.
What’s your star sign and does it describe you well?
Taurus! Apparently very appropriate for me… I always tell the truth and can be quite direct haha.
What inspired you to start Covert Jewellery?
In the 1950s Kelloggs sold space themed plastic rings in their cereal packets… I found pictures of this and loved the idea of making the style into pieces which would last a lifetime.
I also wanted to be a part of the creative process and so making something in the UK has taught me so much about jewellery being able to drive down to our workshop.
Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! Colour combination ideas come in the weirdest of places.
Whats your favourite Design thus far?
I love the Alien signet ring and it has become our bestseller which is always so nice to see that our customer has a shared love of my style!
What do you like to do outside of work?
I work as an events co-ordinator and presenter as well as a jewellery designer. In my own time I do a lot of mental health advocacy, living with Bipolar and trying to normalise the conversation around it.
What's in store for you and Covert in 2024?
In 2024 I would love to collaborate with others on jewellery. I absolutely love bouncing off other people and seeing collaborations which embrace two different styles
We're so excited to be hosting the gorgeous Covert Jewels on our website, available to shop now! 

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