Head in the clouds? These jewels are for you

Head in the clouds? These jewels are for you

Got your umbrellas ready?  Good, because we're taking a trip to the clouds and you're invited!  At this point, clouds have become synonymous with July Child, and we wouldn't have it any other way.   With nature inspired jewellery trending theres no better time for us to revisit our love affair with clouds that began years ago, inspired by the charm of our beloved Manchester skies.  

Head in the Clouds:

First up, we have a true fan favorite, our Head in the Clouds ring! One of the first pieces our very own Sinead designed, it's stolen the hearts of many and it's not hard to see why.  Available in both gold and silver, it's the perfect blend of simplicity and statement. And if rings aren't your thing, fear not! We've transformed this gem into a charming pendant aptly named Head in the Sky.  With its fluffy Opalite cloud set in 18k Gold, it's a sparkling reminder that it's perfectly okay to have your head up in the clouds - after all, it led you straight to us!

Cry Me a River:

Are you ready to shed some tears of joy?  Named after the simply iconic Justin Timberlake song, these beauties are a maximalist's dream come true.  We loved Head in the Clouds so much that we had to make her a sister, and we added a little burst of color with pink and white options, adorned with blue CZ stones and our signature ribbed detailing.  And don't forget about cry me a wish, the earring version of this style come with an iconic mismatched star too! 

Think Pink:

If you're ready to take the cloud obsession to new heights, let me introduce you to Cotton Candy Cloud!  This one's for the unapologetic girly girls, we see you and we love you.  This ring is less Manchester skies and more summer sunset, perfect for pairing with any of our other pink pieces, they're a must-have addition to your jewellery box.


Our Cloud collection is now live to shop here! 


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