Our fave jewellery trends to shop for 2024

Our fave jewellery trends to shop for 2024

The new year means one thing and one thing only at JC, New Jewels.  There's no better way to mark the occasion than by treating yourself to something sparkly!   2024 is going to bring a lot of exciting stuff for us here at July Child, and looking to the future has also got us wondering what trends the jewellery world might bring us.  We've been scouring the internet for our faves, starting with... 

Coquette Jewels 

The coquette train has been running for a while now and it's not stopping any time soon!  At least not here at JC, it's a major influence for our upcoming collections (keep your eyes peeled for that one in the next couple of months) but we've been loving this vibe for some time!  Coquette's flirty, girly aesthetic is very much on our wavelength, as you can see from a couple of out faves:  Mist Ring, Iris Necklace and Saturn Tennis Bracelet. 

Nature-Inspired Jewels 

Mother Nature is back in 2024, and we're here for it!  Drawing inspo from the great outdoors—think flowers, clouds, and butterflies—this trend is all about embracing nature's beauty.  Add some whimsy to this trend with our Midsummer Dream ring and Super Bloom Bracelet, or make it a more statement JC look with Head in the Clouds.

Asymmetrical Ear Stacks 

We've always been on the mismatch earring vibe, but this year the jewellery world is taking it up a notch.  Say hi to a more mix and match energy when it comes to ear stacks, with bigger statement pieces sitting with smaller studs.  This trend is all about bringing a weird and wonderful energy to your jewels, for a more fun, eclectic look.  Try it out with Disco Disco Earrings, Cry Me a Wish, and Astrogal huggies! 

Bubbly Earrings 

Minimal Jewels have been the centre of attention for too long, this trend is here to blow it up (get it?).   We're talking about the kind of bubble jewels we saw go viral in 2023, and they're not going anywhere.  Bubbly blown up shapes and dome rounded rings are going to be everywhere this year, we'll be wearing it with the Bubble Heart Necklace, Glitter Dome Ring, and Super Star Signet!


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