Summer Jewelry Looks That Won't Break the Bank

Summer Jewelry Looks That Won't Break the Bank

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Summer is nearly upon us, and new seasons mean new jewels here at JC, but it doesn't mean denting your wallet.  So this week we decided we had to do a little deep dive into budget friendly pieces that will keep you sparkling all summer! 

Let's start with the ears, shall we? There's absolutely something magical about updating your earring stack, and you don't need a fortune to do it!  If you're looking for the full ear stack look but you only have the one piercing, look no further than our 90s Butterfly Earrings.  If you're feeling the summer love, our Big Heart Earrings are back in stock, featuring custom colourways to suit your vibe, whether you're a gold or silver girly.  It wouldn't be summer without some beachy vibes, and our Shell Earrings provide just that!

Moving on to rings, because who doesn't love a little finger candy? First up, we've got the Croissant Ring – a brunch date essential that's as delicious as it sounds. Feeling starry-eyed? Our Starstruck Opal Rings are here to match the sparkle in your eyes, available in both gold and silver. And for those days when you need a little extra superpower, our Super Power Signet Ring is here to unleash your inner hero. 

Stacking necklaces is THE move this summer, and we've got options for every style under the sun. Cosmic girls, hop on board the Rocketship necklace for the cutest addition to your collection.  Or if you're looking to make a statement,         the Big Flower Necklace from Soof-Juliet is here to add some '90s vibes to your ensemble with its bold flower charm and multi-colored gems. And for those who prefer a minimal gemstone vibe, the Gia Necklace is here to add some sparkle to your life with its killer combination of green and clear gems.

Head over to our website to discover even more affordable jewelry options that'll have you shining all season long. Happy shopping! 

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