Earlier this week Sinead caught up with Stephy Clark, the founder of Steph Metal. 
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Earlier this week Sinead caught up with Stephy Clark, the founder of Steph Metal (one of the new brands which can be found online at July Child). Launched in 2017, Steph Metal is a London based jewellery and accessories brand. Despite all of Stephy’s jewels being designed and handmade in the UK, the brand has received global recognition through its feature in Paper Magazine and being seen on celebs including Jorja Smith, Winnie Harlow and Olly Alexander.


Check out Sinead’s chat with Stephy below:


When did you decide to start up Steph Metal and why?
SM: Steph Metal is now two and a half years old. I have always been obsessed with jewellery, as the women in my family always wore a lot of it and I would constantly try it all on when I was a kid. I always found the intricate details of the metal and stones so attractive. All of my jewellery has a story and that’s what makes each piece so special - you remember when and where you bought it, or if someone bought it for you as a gift, or if a family member gave it to you. You carry it around on your body, it goes everywhere with you, on your journey through life. It’s so personal in that way. All the jewellery that I wear, but I didn’t design myself has a story behind why I have it; and the jewellery that I have designed is like a little part of me I guess.


What’s the best part of your job?
SM: The most exciting thing for me if when I collect the finished pieces from the casters. You go in there with an idea, a sketch, or a piece of carved wax and then it becomes this cold, hard, shiny thing of beauty! I find that totally magic.


What were your biggest challenges in starting up a jewellery business?
SM: To be honest, I didn’t think too long and hard about it. I knew I wanted to start my own brand. I just started making a few things and people showed some interest in it, so I rolled with it. Winging it seems to be a running theme in my life.  


What inspires you?   
SM: It may sound like a cliche, but truly, EVERYTHING. What and who I surround myself with, my friends give me muse energy every day. I think about what they would like to wear and what would look good on them. For my next collection I have taken a lot of inspiration from Tattoos, I am (trying) to learn to tattoo and I have learned that a lot of tattoo designs make really fire jewellery. 


What’s your average day like? 
SM: It depends on the phase of the process. Recently it has been making and sending the beaded pieces that you stock. At the start of lockdown the workshop I use was closed, so I had to find something I could make from home. My house is covered in beads!


What words do you live by?
SM: Great freedom comes from doing what makes you happy and being authentically yourself. Whoever that might be. When you are true to yourself and don’t allow the assumed thoughts of others dictate your choices, life possibilities expand and your joy increases. There is only one of you on this planet, so go ahead and be as freaky and free as you want. Fuck what they think.

What’s next for Steph Metal?
SM: Steph Metal accessories and merch, and more jewellery of course.


A big thank you to Stephy for talking with us! You can shop Steph Metal here



July Child xox 

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