Q&A with Eyland Jewellery Founder, Victoria

Q&A with Eyland Jewellery Founder, Victoria

July Child Founder, Sinead caught up with Founder of Eyland (one of the brands online at July Child, you'll know for the Yin Yang) Victoria.

July Child Founder, Sinead caught up with Founder of Eyland (one of the brands online at July Child, you'll know for the Yin Yang) Victoria. Victoria is a bright, hard working business woman who similarly started her business very organically. She talks about her inspirations, favourite 90's pieces and offers our readers her pearls of wisdom!

Your background is in luxury fashion research and consultancy. Did you always imagine a career in jewellery?

V: I studied fashion journalism at the London College of Fashion originally, I then went onto working for luxury fashion brands and gradually moved into fashion jewellery, I still work as a consultant here and there, but with my own businesses I don't really have time to consult anymore, and I love working for myself the most, even if it is from the kitchen table :-)


Favourite piece from your summer collection?

V: Yin yang ring, heart signet ring and pinky signet ring


Your summer collection is inspired by 90's holidays abroad. What do you love most about the summer months?

V:I've always loved to travel; going to other countries and soaking up the culture. I have a big collection of jewellery, ceramics and textiles that I collect wherever I go; Morocco, Mexico, Portugal, India... 


Your favourite 90's moment?

V: I love 90s Jean Paul Gaultier and Todd Oldham, i've collected Gaultier for over a decade; mostly the Madonna bustier dresses and the mesh pattern pieces. I also love the fashion in all those classic 90s films; Empire Records, 10 Things I Hate About You, Reality Bites, Pump up the Volume... i'm constantly taking screenshots of jewellery in these films - so many great references. And I am always scouring flea markets and eBay for great 90s pieces.


How does your design process start at Eyland? Do your inspirations come easily to you?

V: I would definitely say my main inspiration is vintage pieces, I find pieces that I think are really interesting/inspiring, and modernise and work them into something that I feel is really cool and relevant to now, and developing them to get the perfect shape. I definitely feel like Eyland captures the zeitgeist of the 90s, because that is what I feel like I want to wear right now, but with inspirations also coming from Victorian jewellery and 60s Taxco jewellery, which in turn did also filter into 90s fashion. A lot of my consultancies revolved around vintage research and buying (clothing and accessories,) I would do vintage buying trips in the US and Europe, it's second nature to me to be constantly on the lookout for good vintage!

Do you have any advice for any other women out there wanting to start their own business?

V: Having your own business is great, it's so much hard work and can be super stressful, especially if like me you started with no backing, but it's a great feeling and so much fun and freedom. I love being able to collaborate with friends, my friends and family have always been so supportive and helpful, I could not have built it without them. My advice to anyone starting their own business would just be to keep pushing, if you have enough love and passion for something it has to work!


How does wearing jewellery make you feel?

V: I literally feel naked without jewellery! It is so integral to my style and how I dress, I am constantly changing it up. I have a diamond ring from my great grandmother and a Rolex watch from my mother I always wear, and the other pieces I am constantly changing - I love costume jewellery for this reason, because you can have fun with it without spending a fortune!

Your jewellery must have?

V: So many! I couldn't choose! Right now - pinky rings, I am adding in another one for next season that I am very excited for!

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