Nostalgic Jewellery #trending

Nostalgic Jewellery #trending

Let’s take a step back – way back. We are all having some extra time on our
hands at the moment and whether you are delving back into your old hobbies or find new ones – nostalgia has well and truly set in.

But way before all of this, the fashion industry has been playing with the same idea, taking inspiration from what has passed us. You only have to take a look at any Gucci collection from the past five years to understand that the ‘70s are constantly taking a step forward. Everywhere you go you can find a pair of flares, knee-high boots and the inevitable embroidered pieces.

Thankfully, here at July Child nostalgia is always on our minds too. We can help you shop that too. 

When it comes to shopping for the ‘70s, count yourself lucky with, well, our Clover Signet from Wilhemina Garcia – or if you are more into flower power than our Daisy Chain is perfect for the trend.

Gold chains and thick jewellery played a huge part throughout the era, Marta Pia finds inspiration from psychedelia, nature and modern art – all of which were key to the popular culture of the ‘70s. Take a look at our Third Eye Gold and Rose Gold Rings.

Ziggy, Zig, Ah. That’s right we’ve stepped forward in time and we’ve arrived in the ‘90s. What we love about that era is everything went. The Spice Girls were at their peak, F.R.I.E.N.D.S was running on TV and Tammy Girl was still a thing.

We might have been quite young during this era, but we still wanted to be dancing around with Posh and Ginger in that hotel. Well, why not channel that Spice energy with our Susie ‘90s Bracelet and match this with our Smiley Dude emoji inspired choker necklace, our exclusive collaboration with the brand has been a Best Seller this month.

Or for when your hair is getting out of control during this time, our Billie Clips from Valet Studio are the perfect accessory and will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

You can shop all of our picks through their respective links, but shop at our
online store here and browse what we are loving on our instagram page.

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