Let’s put an image into your mind. Cher at the peak of the ‘70s. What was it about her? Was it her music, her fashion or both? Or why is it, that when it turns a decade along comes new trends and a new genre of music? Whatever it was, we wish we could channel Cher.


Here at July Child we understand how much music can affect fashion and our own lives, so we want to Cher (pun intended) pieces that we are loving from July Child that reflect this foundation that music has within us.


First I was in love and it was a blast. Soon found out, had a heart of glass. There were many female musicians that stole out hears, but nobody quite stole ours like Blondie. Why not show your respect for the Queen with Tuzas’ Heart of Glass Ring, taking another form of wearing your heart on your, well, finger?


Should I stay or should I go? Well we think you should stay and if you are someone that prefers the harsher things in life, then our collection of Justine Clenquent has you covered. Inspired by the French underground urban culture the Ewan and Cooper earrings merge together both femininity and masculinity. Reinterpreting punk DIY techniques such as the use of safety pins and most likely, the absence of Swarovski crystals.


Inspired by childhood memories, travel and music, Wald jewellery has us California Dreamin’ with their California Love Earrings. Imagine road tripping across America, with that classic playlist on, while wearing your Smiley Dude Necklace.


We can all dream right? But there’s no need, we you can shop all these pieces via their links, or why not take a look at more options that await you on the July Child site. Stay inspired by keeping up to date on Instagram.


July Child xox

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