Fashion Stylist Laura Karin talks July Child Wedding Jewellery

Fashion Stylist Laura Karin talks July Child Wedding Jewellery

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From my time spent in the wedding industry over the years, I’ve noticed a significant gap in the market for alternative couples - by this, I mean couples who deviate from the normal ‘white wedding’ in any shape or form. Time after time, I’ve seen brides and grooms reluctantly sign their souls away to a Pinterest-board replica wedding day that just isn’t for them, often spurred on by an over-involved in-law.

Okay, so most of us appreciate a good flower urn or naked cake, but for many, jewellery is an expression of who you are. If you like to express yourself through what you wear, it’s a possibility that a classic diamond pendant and simple drop earrings just might not be doing it for you. So when I discovered July Child, I was delighted - and couldn’t wait to recommend the brand to everyone I knew.



I’m guilty: I love a good shiny Tiffany engagement ring. But not as much as I love July Child’s Heart of Glass ring.

Imagine being proposed to - or proposing - with this absolute bad boy. At £199, it’s a steal for an engagement ring, but it’s bound to attract more attention than your average diamond design. Crafted from heavy weight sterling silver and finished with a deep red enamel heart, The Heart of Glass symbolises burning passion (a.k.a. the sacred heart). Truly beautiful.

The gloriously unique and oh-so-gorgeous Waves of Gold from July Child are inspired by the Isles of Ibiza. Luxurious with an edge, it’s the perfect choice for the alternative bride-to-be. Just imagine how stunning they’d look with a bespoke bridal jumpsuit too.



The Lavender Eden earrings will make you feel like the royalty you are on your wedding day. They’re still pretty glam, but they’ve got a distinctive vibe that’ll set you apart from the crowd. Combining a glistening lavender heart with rich gold and a drop pearl, these earrings are actually a clip-on design, which means anyone can wear them - super cute.

SHOP NOW: £175.00




I don’t know about you, but if I owned this Starry Eyes cuff I don’t think I’d ever take it off. Pair this stunning, hand-painted piece with a bohemian Rolling in Roses two-piece for the ultimate dreamy alt combo.





This one is for those who love to be a little bit out there. The Fortune Fish necklace is a limited edition piece, crafted by the Timeless Pearly ladies in Paris, which somehow manages to be both elegant and eccentric at the same time. If you like a bit of weird and wonderful, it’s time to get your Fortune Fish on. Likely to bring good fortune to your marriage.


Thank your wedding squad with July Child pieces that they’ll genuinely treasure forever, ‘cos nobody needs a pink silk nightwear set with ‘bride squad’ emblazoned on it (let’s be real here). Here’s a round-up of my personal faves:

 The Ultimate Adult Friendship Bracelet: Blue Smiley Bracelet, £62.00



The Extra-Special Gift: Aphrodite Bianca Necklace, £168.00


The Pretty in Pink Barrette: Madonna Clip, £10.00 (also available in yellow and blue)

Happy browsing! If you’ve worn July Child for your wedding, we’d love to see the pics.

Love, Laura xox

Written by fashion stylist and bridal consultant Laura Karin

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