'Behind The Jewels" Q&A with Susan Alexandra

'Behind The Jewels" Q&A with Susan Alexandra

This weeks instalment is with the incredibly talented and equally as kind and wonderful designer that is Susan Alexandra

Susan lives in NYC with her gorgeous dog Pigeon and works from a workshop in Lower East Village where her handmade creations come to life.

Susan is best known to you all for her beautiful multi coloured beaded handbags, that only two summers ago went completely viral around the world. I was obsessed with her brand and her very unique eye for design and knew I had to have her pieces on July Child.

I met her outside her studio in NYC last summer and she truly is as bright and sparkly as the brand she created is.

JC: First sentimental piece of jewellery you bought/were gifted? Why is it sentimental?


SA: My grandmothers gold necklace with a pendant of two little girls holding hands. It has my name and my sisters name engraved on the back with our birth dates. I wear it anytime I want to strengthen the bond with my sister and it truly works like magic. It's also a reminder of the deep, infinite love my grandmother had for us.


JC: What does colour and print mean to you? What is your favourite colour/print combination?


SA: Impossible for me to pick one color or print combo. I adore them all! I love anything floral/fruit/ veggie print and funny color combos like lavender and honeydew and tomato red with muted pink.


JC: Who do you look to for advice?


SA: My very wise, kind and loving mother. I aspire to be as good and pure as her.


JC: What would be your best advice to the readers or those wanting to pursue their own business?


SA: Say yes to everything. Stay up late working. Connect to everyone you can. You are not above anything-this isn't popular advice, but work for free to get your foot in the door and your name out there. I promise, hardwork is revealed and it will come back to you ten fold.


JC: Why do you love New York City?


SA: Magic happens here. More than anywhere else in the world. You can walk down the street and your life can change just like that (snaps fingers).


JC: Best boutiques to shop in the world?


SA: Opening Ceremony

Thrift stores in remote places

Trader Joe's

You can shop her amazing collection online here.

I hope you enjoyed this and special thank you to Susan.


Sinead xox

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