"Behind The Jewels" Q&A with Sandralexandra

"Behind The Jewels" Q&A with Sandralexandra

Sandra Alexandra uses beautiful glass blown charms to create pieces of beautiful Italian inspired jewellery. 

Sandralexandra uses beautiful glass blown charms to create pieces of beautiful Italian inspired jewellery. 

I have forever been obsessed with Venice (Burano and Murano - specialise in glass blown jewels) and Sicilly for their bright, bold colourful approach to jewellery. They're more like works of art. So much time and effort spent creating such delicate pieces to adorn your ear.

This is what I believe one of the latest designers to the site Sandralexandra has captured so well in jewellery. Wearable art. A purchase to last years and years, adding something unique to your trinket box.

We want to get to know a woman who stands out as a jewellery designer. This past six months for her have been quite the journey since starting the brand. 

Let's hear what she has to say....

JC: First sentimental piece of jewellery you bought/were gifted? Why is it sentimental?

SA: I count two “first” gifted pieces, both linked to each other, one representing the “old” and the other one representing the “new”. One represents my family, a vintage bow shaped ring which belonged to my grandmother who passed it on to my mother and my mother gave to me on my wedding day. The second one represents my new family, my husband, it’s of course my engagement ring. He designed it together with my all time favourite jewellery designer and friend Tomasz Donocik.


JC: What led you to a career in jewellery?

SA: When I was 14 years old I used to make jewellery for my mother. We used to have so much fun going to get supplies together from the arts and crafts street in Barcelona, Carrer del Call.  When I was 19 I started making jewellery again and started selling it whilst at university. I actually had a bet with my father, if I hit the “target” I would pay for a short summer course at St. Martins School and he would pay for flights and accommodation.. I had to miss a few classes as I was way below my target ahaha, my excuse was that I had to use that time to sell more and voilà! That’s when I fell in love with London. 

However, it wasn’t until six years ago that I started working in the jewellery business, but purely on the wholesale, sales and marketing side. Whilst doing so, I continued making pieces for myself, for family & friends, taking weekend courses at Hatton Garden and it was only six months ago that I launched sandralexandra via Instagram.

JC: Most monumental moment in your life thus far?

SA: Start my own jewellery brand six months ago!


JC: Favourite country for travel and inspiration?

SA: JAPAN in capital letters. It’s a sensorial mind blow! Can’t wait to go back.

JC: What would you tell your 16 year old self?

SA: I would tell her the same I keep telling me everyday which sounds so cliché but to believe in myself. I always made jewellery, always loved jewellery but I was never brave enough to pursue a career when I was younger. I always thought I was not good enough, not talented enough. Yes, I made jewellery for friends and family, yes, I sold some pieces I made whilst at university, but I never pushed myself to start my own thing.


JC: Any life hacks? 

SA: Sounds weird but alcohol free beer! My husband has started an alcohol free beer called Freestar and its delicious but more importantly it allows me to do more. I can go out, see friends, have a few Freestars, then wake up with a clear head and get loads done. It’s liberating!


JC: Favourite album of all time?

SA: That’s a difficult one! My taste is so eclectic, like one day I would be listening to Spanish music, others to 90’s R&B, indie.. it depends on the day.

I  always buy local records when I travel, the last one I bought is Ariel Pink’s album – it’s mad but amazing. But to answer to your question; Paco de Lucia, he was a genius, I can’t listen to Entre dos Aguas without getting goose bumps. I was also lucky enough to see him in concert shortly before he passed away. His music was and is magic.


JC: Top three boutique shops in the world?

SA: I Love the bi-weekly antique markets at Kempton and Ardingly near London.

The jewellery district in Tokyo is an endless maze of amazing trinkets, pearls and charms.

July Child of course!

Thank you so much to Sandra for taking the time to answer these questions. You can shop her beautiful collection here.


Sinead xox



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