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'Behind The Jewels" Q&A with WALD Founders

'Behind The Jewels" Q&A with WALD Founders

I remember first stumbling across the WALD collection on social media around Easter 2018 and thinking, "MY GOD, this is the best thing I've ever seen."

I started as a customer and purchased my very own Drop It Like It's Hot necklace, before being approached by their jewellery agents. They had asked if I would like to stock the range. 

I must have jumped for joy for about two days. I couldn't wait to work with WALD.

From the beginning, Joyce and Dana were so personable and easy to chat to online. They seemed to have a similar thought process to me and of course they created jewellery I'd only have dreamt of creating myself. 

These two women have taken the world by storm with their jewellery line. July Child has been a part of that journey from early on, working with such a dream team. 

Let's see what Dana and Joyce have to say.


JC: WALD as a business has evolved over the years. Could you tell us a bit about how it all started and evolved into the business it is today?


W: We started almost 10 years ago. Joyce was my styling intern first. After that we basically never stopped working together. We took over a fashion shop together in Berlin and started our jewellery line last year. We complement each other completely in terms of work. I couldn’t imagine a better partner in crime. 

JC: You speak about the inspiration behind the jewellery being your travels. Can you tell us where and what is was about that destination that sparked this inspiration?


W: Joyce and I had almost a two year break after closing our store and starting the jewellery line. I travelled almost all over the world during those two years. It’s not really about a certain destination but more about a feeling. The feeling of being free and inspired which I wanted to bring back to Germany and is the base of the Wald aesthetic now.

JC: How does the design process start? Do the jewellery designs come easily to you?


W: I love wearing and collecting jewellery. Mostly old or exotic pieces from all over the world. When I start to design a collection it’s mostly a destination or a trip I have in mind. In combination with very classy design elements from old jewellery pieces I got from my grandmas. 

JC: What are the biggest challenges you both face as entrepreneurs?


W: To grow in a healthy way.

JC: Your top three favourite boutiques or places to shop in the world?


W: Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

The Sunday Melrose flea market in LA

Holly Golightly in Copenhagen 

JC: Why is it important for you to focus on Fairtrade, working with women and grandmothers? 


W: You can change the world everyday to be a better place. I love the idea of investing your money in a Fairtrade way of producing as opposed to manufacturing in China. It’s maybe a small difference what WALD is doing, but we are doing it.


JC: Your pearls of wisdom for the readers?


W: Everything you can imagine is real. 

JC: Have you any particular podcasts or books you've listened to/read that inspire you?


W: When I was pregnant, I was listening to the Goop podcast a lot. It’s an interesting mix of topics made by women for women.


JC: When am I going to meet you both, my long-lost soul sisters?


W: Hehe the best questions of all. It’s so so overdue. Hopefully soon, we can’t wait :)

Thank you to the these two wonderful, bright, creative and inspiring women for answering some questions.

Hope you enjoyed this edition. Feel free to comment below!

Shop WALD here.


Sinead xox

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