Behind the Jewels with Chrissie, founder of Sunny On a Cloud

Behind the Jewels with Chrissie, founder of Sunny On a Cloud

To celebrate the Pre-Order Launch of our dreamy Sunny On a Cloud collection, this week we got to sit down with the wonderful Chrissie, founder and maker behind the brand!   
Behind the Jewels always starts with the same question: What was your first ever significant piece of jewellery and how did you acquire it?
My first significant piece of jewellery was a 14K gold heart locket given to me by my mum. I never ended up putting a picture in it because I couldn't decide what to put in it!
How would you describe your personal style, and what inspires your fashion choices?
I honestly dress so much less maximalist than the jewellery I make! I prefer being comfortable, cute t-shirts and sneakers. I love a good pair of jeans and lots of chunky rings on every finger. 

What’s your star sign and does it describe you well?
I'm on the cusp of Leo and Cancer - which I think describes me well as I can be very dualistic. There are parts of me that feel strong and confident (Leo) and parts that feel sensitive and reserved (Cancer). I think a mix of both suits me well!

What inspired you to start your Jewellery brand? 
Honestly, I was struggling to navigate the traditional path of university -> qualified job. I could never find something I genuinely felt passionate about and I couldn't force myself to complete the study. I had liked the idea of making jewellery for years before I started. Life circumstances changed pretty drastically and I fell into a spot where I felt like now was as good a time as ever, and I didn't stand to lose anything by trying. I taught myself to work with silver clay and the art of lost wax casting. I sold my pieces as I developed and slowly scaled my business. Pretty quickly I realised I loved the idea of being able to work super hard for myself and reap the rewards, so I quit my job as a teacher's assistant and poured my heart and soul into SoaC!

 Where do you find inspiration?
When I first started it was mostly Instagram and Pinterest, however I feel like my jewellery really flourished when I started looking in nature and around me. Sometimes just picking out gemstones or pearls and letting myself work around them is how I develop a piece. 
What's your favourite Design thus far?
Hard question! Probably my Mermaid Queen ring - I'm a sucker for the star shaped pearls. 
What do you like to do outside of work?
I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. I competed in my first BJJ tournament this year and won gold! 
What's in store for you and your business in 2024?
I'm really looking forward to hitting my first year milestone in August and looking back and reflecting. I want to continue to grow my business, whether that means stocking a larger range at bands like July Child or getting my jewellery seen in more media around the world. 
Our collection of Sunny on a cloud jewels are available to pre-order until the 8th April 2024! 

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