Three Indie Jewellery Brands We Can't Get Enough Of!

Three Indie Jewellery Brands We Can't Get Enough Of!

Earlier this year we decided to go back to our roots a little bit and highlight some of our favourite jewellery brands by hosting them of our website, and you guys have been obsessed!   So this week we're taking a look through our faves for Spring and showing some appreciation to independent businesses that are doing amazing things. 


Eyland Jewellery

First up, let’s talk about the STUNNING Eyland Jewellery! Launched in 2014, this UK-based costume jewellery brand is all about making gorgeous pieces inspired by museums, movements, places, techniques and periods that they love.  And boy, do they translate their inspirations into pieces we all want to wear! The Pamela star necklace, Iris star necklace, and Sophia star earrings are available on our website now, and trust us; these pieces are the epitome of statement jewellery. Plus, they give off some serious mermaid vibes, which we (of course) love! 


Next, let’s jet over to Amsterdam to meet the fabulous Sophie Huisman, the creative genius behind Soof-Juliët. If you’re all about unique, colourful, and bold pieces that make your outfit pop, then you’re going to love this collection.  Our first drop of her jewels sold out in record time, but don't worry, drop two is here and its just as dreamy. Soof-Juliët is all about making your style stand out and be as unique as you are, and we can't wait to keep working with them to bring you gorgeous statement jewels. 

Roslyn Studios

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about Roslyn Studios. Based in the UK, the founder and jewellery maker, Roslyn, is a true artist. She carefully melts and freehand sculpts glass rods into timeless pieces of playful yet sophisticated jewellery. Forget on-trend colourful plastic jewellery; Roslyn’s pieces are in a league of their own.  Each glass piece is individually sculpted using a lampwork process, with a high-intensity flame to melt and sculpt the glass, and then kiln-annealed to strengthen. And the best part? Roslyn doesn’t use moulds, which means each piece has its own quirk and personality in their organic shape and lustre.


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