JC CHATS - In conversation with founder of July Child Sinead Flood.

JC CHATS - In conversation with founder of July Child Sinead Flood.

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Chloe (Social Media manager at July Child) chats to Sinead about everything new and exciting at July Child.

Alot is happening at July Child at the moment, new staff, new stockists, new product launches and a new office? What have been some of your highlights over the last couple of months of crazy change? 

It’s  been such a fun few months at July Child. We’ve not only expanded the team, but we’ve also started to sell all of our jewellery to retailers around the world. This is allowing us to spread the word more and for our customers to see us IRL! I think seeing our own brand range Daughter by July Child go from strength to strength has been so amazing for me to see. After designing for just over a year I feel immensely proud of what we are achieving in such a small space of time, and the wonderful reaction from all of you.

The new product launch has been a dream to watch come to life, what are your favourite designs and why? 

It’s been a long time in the making that’s for sure! I started out with an idea to reinvent our original best selling Starstruck and Sweetheart. I wanted to create a collection of super chunky rings and merge my love of the enamel trend with more blingy crystals. 

My favourite design has to be the Cosmic Girl ring and Royalty. I can’t take them off. I also love Trippy Dude. I always loved the Nirvana smiley so I created my own version of it in this form. I took the ribbing to a new level, it’s Dazed Flowers big sister. 

Some of our cult classics, i.e Dazed flower and head in the clouds were reinvented this time round into some dreamy, fresh pieces such as Cotton Candy Cloud and Sunny D/ Baby Girl, what inspired you to put a ‘twist’ on these classic JC pieces?

These are the absolute best seller/cult classics for July Child. Everyone including me has loved them so much, it felt like the perfect opportunity to give them a new lease of life on their (almost) first birthday. 

Sunny D and Baby Girl are new colourways and a more classic smiley, which I think is such a timeless design. 

Head in the Clouds is the most stunning ring I’ve ever designed. My mum’s idea was to add in the opalite. I really love that with opalite you can have so many different colour varieties. I wanted to go for my absolute favourite colour, pink and then maybe we can do something else that is bright and exciting soon.

Daughter by July Child designs are renowned for their nostalgic feel. What is a fond memory you have of your life growing up, which may have inspired your current designs?

Of course! My childhood was an absolute dream thanks to my wonderful family and friends. I was always given free reign to express myself through fashion. I didn’t ever think I’d be in a position where I would be designing my own collections, but here we are. 

I used to collect a lot of the chunky mood rings and party rings. I absolutely loved how OTT they were. So many brands play it quite safe and commercial with their designs. I have sort of gone against the grain and just created what feels fun and playful to wear and style. 

I think the best design I came up with was the Head in the Clouds. I love the ribbing element and the iridescent stone. I also have an obsession with anything cosmo, so anything that looks like it belongs in an animation skyline or space, I wanna bring to life!

JC plans for the future, talk to me about future designs and some goals you have in mind for this amazing business, I am incredibly proud to be a part of…

We want to see July Child stocked in more incredible stores across the world. I am going to keep working on creating original, unique ideas that put a HUGE smile on peoples faces. I’d love to diversify into more accessories, maybe designing handbags would be something fun to do. We are striving to work on a more sustainable brand in the future. We are aiming to be completely sustainable in the metals that we use by 2025. Watch this space!

Any words of encouragement, reflecting on this year so far...

Always do what makes you happy, your time on this planet is far too precious to spend it worrying about the wrong things. 


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