Think Pink: A Guide to Barbiecore Jewellery!

Think Pink: A Guide to Barbiecore Jewellery!

Barbiecore is sweeping the fashion world, Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie is almost upon us and it's all we've been talking about at JC.  So much so that we've channeled that energy here, into a tour of some of our fave Barbie looks! 

The time has finally come.
Barbiemania is sweeping the fashion world with Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie peeking around the corner, and it's all we've been talking about at JC. So much so, that we've channeled that energy here, into a tour of some of our fave Barbie looks!

What is Barbiecore, you ask?  Fuelled by Greta Gerwig's all-pink, all-camp third film, the girlies have been going wild for anything hot-pink, ultra feminine, and glittery (as they should).  It's all about being OTT, unashamedly girly, and exuding happiness into the universe. We can't get enough, and what better way to embody the trend than with jewels? Here are some of the products here at JC that we know will go perfectly with your premiere looks.

Malibu Barbie


Let's start with the ever-iconic Malibu Barbie, known for her sun-kissed glow and effortless beachy style. To channel her radiant vibes, look no further than Queen of Hearts, Mist, and the Buttercup Tennis Bracelet to get ready for the sun.

President Barbie


Next up we have the trailblazing President Barbie, the one and only. To embody her energy, keep it classy but keep it pink, with Mulberry Huggies, Cotton Candy Cloud and Bubble Heart Necklace. If you want to embody the word “girl boss” and slay while you’re doing it, look no further.


Cowboy Barbie


Last but certainly not least, let's dive into the wild world of Cowboy Barbie. This one calls for a golden ear stack, featuring Rootin Tootin, Horse Play, and Cowgirl Stud. If it’s Southern realness you’re looking for, this look is a real ace in the hole.

There you have it! Whether you're at the Malibu dreamhouse, girlbossing hard, or embracing your inner cowgirl, you can accessorise accordingly!  Oh, and stay tuned for a LOT more Barbie vibes from us once the film is out this weekend..

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