Modern Mystic: How to Channel Your Inner Witch with Jewels this Halloween

Modern Mystic: How to Channel Your Inner Witch with Jewels this Halloween

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Gather around the cauldron girls,  Halloween is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to infuse your style with some magic. Whether you're casting spells or brewing potions, we've got the jewels for you.  So, get your crystals charging, lets have a look at three ways to style some seasonal looks! 

1. Subtly Starstruck 

The cosmos has always been a source of inspiration for us here at JC, and Halloween is the perfect time to embrace the night sky vibe.  To add a bit of low key stardust to your look, go for a subtle Gold Star Ring and stack it with some other heirloom jewels.  For a bolder stack, go for Starstruck Blue or Twinkle Signet for a bit of spooky chic.  

2. Statement Stack

 Halloween is the time to stand out and get bold with your look, and statement rings are here to help you do just that.  For the bold pop of halloween colour, go for Harlequin Goth Gold, or Mystic Meg, bonus points if you're going as Harley Quin this year!  If you're more of the mystical and the mysterious type, Lady Luck and Cat eye are the good omens you need.

3. To the Moon and back 

Last but certainly not least, for all you moon children out there, let's channel that lunar energy.  The natural choice for Halloween-themed jewellery, Pisces Moon charm can be added to any necklace stack for a more spooky vibe.  Moon and stars bracelet is also perfect for a statement piece, or take the more subtle route with the Luna huggies! 


Halloween is the perfect time to have some fun with your style, whether you're into celestial symbols, statement rings, or the mystical allure of the moon.  Our brand new Modern Mystic collection is full of halloween themed jewels fit for ghosts, ghouls, witches and wizards everywhere, so look no further for inspiration! 

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