Raising the Barre: How to Embrace Balletcore with Jewellery!

Raising the Barre: How to Embrace Balletcore with Jewellery!

Ballet is back baby, and we couldn't be happier!  Here at JC, bows, ribbons, and anything pink has always been the vibe so we've been loving seeing this trend re-enter fashion zeitgeist.  Its a delicate balance, but it doesn't have to be hard to style, and what better way to get on the vibe than through some ballet-inspired jewellery? Here's three ways to embrace the trend through jewels:

Dainty Necklaces

Candy Droplet, Mist Necklace and Mulberry Necklace

For the first step into Balletcore, you can't go wrong with a simple necklace stack. Perfect to pair with bodysuits or wrap around tops, these pieces will add a touch of pink to your look.  Check out Candy Droplet Necklace, Mist Necklace, and Mulberry Necklace, for a dainty necklace stack. 

Simple Earrings 

Bubble Heart Huggies, Princessa Huggies, and Gia Huggies 

Less is more with Balletcore, which means it's the perfect time to wear those adorable smaller hoops, with or without charms!  Bubble Heart Huggies are the perfect tiny hoops for stacking, whereas Princessa and Gia are the bolder and brighter options to make a statement with.  Wear them solo or mix and match with other pieces in your collection! 


Heirloom Ring Stack 

Delilah, Sabrina, Tabitha and Aura

There's never been a more perfect trend for the Heirloom collection, it was MADE for this moment!  This collection puts the girly, pink twist on jewellery classics, with pieces like Delilah, Sabrina, Tabitha and Aura.  Whether you choose one as a statement piece or mix it up to make your unique stack, these babies will be perfect classical addition to your Balletcore look.

Wether you're embracing this trend whole heartedly or dipping your toe into Balletcore, we have the jewels to make it happen!  And this isn't everything, we curated our most ballet appropriate pieces in a gorgeous collection, so get on your ballet flats and head to our website to get some inspo! 

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