Your Ear Party cheat sheet: 3 ways to upgrade your ear stack

Your Ear Party cheat sheet: 3 ways to upgrade your ear stack

Consider this your invite to the Ear Party! 

For anyone who's heard the term and imagined a fancy carnival gathering, let's set the record straight—it's not that kind of party (But if it was, we'd have a great time)!  It's the new trend that's all about taking your earring game to the next level. Ear parties are the answer to those who want something a bit more interesting than your standard set of matching earrings. It's a celebration of the mix-and-match vibe, and the best way to embrace the more is more idea that we're obsessed with here at JC.  Let's dive into three ways to upgrade your ear stack and join the trend!

1. Statement Mismatched Sets

Achieving the perfect ear party look is easier than you might think, even if you've only got a single piercing. The key is to embrace the mismatched magic and find a statement pair that suits you!  Here are three mismatched sets pairs that will set your ear party in motion:

Disco Disco, Cry Me a WishAstrogal Huggies

2. Mixed Metal Magic

Who said you had to choose between silver and gold?  If we learned anything from Hannah Montana, it was that we indeed CAN have the best of both worlds. Mixed metals are the perfect way to get your ear party started and create a combo that's unique to you, and here's three great places to start: 

Midsummer, Twinkle Moon SilverLucky Royal 

3. Locket Charms 

Why keep secrets close to your heart, when you can keep them on your ear?  Any piece from our locket collection is a guaranteed conversation starter, but here's three pieces to get you started, and you decide what's hidden inside!

Mi Amor, Mermaid Locket Silver, Starburst

Tbh, the best place to find new jewellery looks is our tagged posts on instagram! Planet JC put the party in ear party, here's just a few of our faves for your inspiration!

Natasha, Shaniya, and Emma  in JC!

Ready to Join the Ear Party?

There's much more to explore on our pre-order Restock page!  All of the JC classic earrings are back after selling out last time, so make sure you don't miss out! 

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