The Best Party Season Jewels to Add to Your Christmas List

The Best Party Season Jewels to Add to Your Christmas List

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This year has flown by at the speed of light and would you believe it?  Party Season is almost upon us!  We're (very) excited for it here at JC, and in the spirit of preparedness, we've put together a couple of collections of Christmas list worthy jewels, just to help Santa out.  'Tis the season to be sparkly, that's the saying right? 

Make a Statement
First up on the list are some statement rings that will serve as the perfect conversation piece at any Christmas Party.  Cry Me a River Pink is the ultimate "Where did you get that?" ring, the pink opalite stone is impossible to ignore.  If you're feeling the maximalist ring stack, add some more pieces from our signature collection!  Check out Daisy Moo, Superpower Signet and Queen of Hearts Silver as a starting point, and build your stack from there! 


All that Glitters 
Next on the list are the glitteriest of them all!  If you can't be dripping in sparkly things this time of year then when can you?  Aura Rainbowstar and Saturn Tennis Bracelets are the perfect additions to any Christmas party outfit, especially if you're opting for the little black dress.  Finish the look off with a couple of Heirloom collection pieces, like Midsummer Dream Ring and Mulberry Necklace, and you'll be lighting up the party! 
More is more 
I heard the key to a good ring stack is to just keep adding!  With smaller band rings like Azure, Silver Star, Sabrina and Parisayou can stack to your hearts content.  The idea here is to mix and match, and make a stack thats uniquely you!  


So, don't be shy about adding whatever jewels you like to your Christmas list (or to your cart on Black Friday coming up soon)!  After all, you've been good all year!  You deserve a treat.


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