Your Ultimate Silver Gift Guide

Your Ultimate Silver Gift Guide

This ones for the silver girlies!  As we know by now, good things come in small packages, and if you're anything like us, the start of November means we're making our list and checking it twice.  Wether you're looking to add to your collection this year, or get some inspo for the silver girl in your life, we've got you covered.  Starting with (arguably our favourite kind of jewels) rings...


If they love crystals:

These ones are for the charging my crystals, in my healing era girlies!  Meet Queen of Hearts, In The Night Garden and Azure all set in Silver and ready to make your Christmas extra sparkly. 

If they're a bit more subtle: 

If you're going for more of an understated vibe this year then these stackable pieces are for you.  Delilah, Heart Signet, and Hermione rings are the versatile pieces you can wear alone, or make your own stack with! 

If they're not afraid to make a statement:

The JC originals Jumbo HeartTeardrop Signet, and Head in the Clouds are for the girls who love a conversation piece!  Bold and bright, these pieces make the best gifts!



If they've got Charm:

Embrace the mismatch trend with Disco Disco and Astrogal Huggies Silver, or go for the Mermaid Locket earrings and watch their reaction on the big day when they realise they actually open! 

If they love an ear stack: 

These are for the more is more girls who love an unique ear combo.  They can mix and match to their hearts content with Heart Huggies, Bubble Heart Huggies and Textured Hoops.


If they love a sparkly moment:

Game, set, match girl!  Serving up some extra gemstones we have Milky Way Tennis Bracelet, Glitter Venus, and Extraterrestrial. 

If they love a bracelet stack:

Swirly Bracelet Silver, Bubble Heart Charm Bracelet, and Ombre Skyline are the perfect combo for those who have a more is more approach to accessories! 


If they're the main character:

Astrogal Necklace Silver, Ariel's Charm and Rocket Man Silver are the conversation starters everyone needs in their collection.  

If they're your other half:

Show your love by wearing your heart on your neck!  You can't go wrong with the simple silver vibes of Iris Necklace, Chunky Chain Heart, and Bubble Heart Silver.  



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